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Vitamin A, a fat-soluble vitamin, is essential for maintaining normal vision, a healthy immune system, and a healthy reproductive system. Hypothyroidism risk due to vitamin A deficiency can be lowered with vitamin A supplementation. Additionally, vitamin A supplementation can reverse night blindness, which affects 5.2 million pre-school children and 9.8 million pregnant women across the globe. Mild cases of Xerothalmia—a condition characterized by night blindness, dry eyes, and in more severe cases, corneal softening— are typically caused by vitamin A deficiency and may be reversed with vitamin A supplementation.

The Research

Reducing vitamin A deficiency could save the eyesight and lives of countless children.

What is vitamin A and why do we need it?

Vitamin A- an Overview



Those who have a vitamin A deficiency are more prone to dry skin, dry eyes, night blindness, infertility, delayed growth, and acne.

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