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Our mission is to integrate traditional and modern medical knowledge, incorporate the latest scientific research findings, and develop new, easy-to-follow dietary strategies for daily life. We strive to provide convenient and effective nutritional supplements to improve sub-health conditions. Our goal is to promote the concept of scientific self-cultivation through daily dietary habits, emphasizing prevention and pursuing optimal health.


As medical researchers, we have long been concerned about three things: 

1. How can people who are always on the run carry around all their supplements, especially when airlines only allow for a single small carry on?

2. How can people who have not studied nutrition know which supplements they need when there are so many bottles with so many different ingredients in them?

3. How can people account for their health in their budgets on top of food, housing, and education?


Creating a supplement that could answer these questions has become our calling. After years of study and research, we are excited to introduce the E18 dietary supplement!


E18 has 22+ nutrients that can completely meet the essential nutritional needs of our body. E18’s unique formula takes away the burden of figuring out the right decision when the time comes to choosing your supplement products while also helping to simplify your health management and removing economic barriers in the pursuit of a healthier body and mind.


Our mission is to raise public awareness on the issues of sub-health and the importance of disease prevention, create more nutritional supplement products supported by the latest advances in scientific research and knowledge, and provide convenient support in the quest of achieving optimal health.

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Dr. David Christiani, MD, MPH

E18 Nutrition Consultant 

Dr. David Christiani is the Elkan Blout Professor of Environmental Health and Environmental Genetics at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. His research focuses mainly on molecular epidemiology of lung cancer and Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS). 

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<<< Dr. Christiani on the importance of adequate nutrition for maintaining good health.

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