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Vitamin D3 is a pro-hormone that is synthesized in the skin when exposed to direct sunlight; therefore, it is not completely a vitamin. However, many people still need to supplement vitamin D because of their lack of exposure to direct sunlight. In addition to its instrumental role in calcium and phosphorus absorption, vitamin D also aids in parathyroid hormone regulation, preventing the hormone’s reabsorption of bone tissue, which can lead to weak bones. Some studies show that vitamin D deficiency can lead to higher risk of a myriad of chronic conditions, such as hypertension, type I diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and some cancers.

The Research

Vitamin D Deficiency and Risk for Cardiovascular Disease

Vitamin D Deficiency.

Calcium and Vitamin D Deficiency in Vietnamese: Recommendations for an Intervention Strategy.



Those who have a vitamin D3 deficiency are more prone to bone and back pain, hair loss, depression, imparied wound healing, and muscle pain.

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