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  • What is E18?
    The innovative E18 formula is based on the yin and yang balance theory from traditional Chinese medicine and use of cutting-edge medical research findings. By considering the link between nutrient intake and the preservation of nerve cell function, E18 contains 24 carefully selected basic nutrients, including all 9 essential amino acids and natural tonics like cinnamon and turmeric. These nutrients help the body synthesize substances needed for normal physiological functions, thus counterbalancing the negative effects of an incomplete diet on overall health.
  • What is the gut-brain axis?
    The gut-brain axis is a complex communication network between the gut and the brain. The gut microbiota plays an important role in regulating brain function by affecting the production of neurotransmitters, immune function, and the onset and progression of inflammation. Imbalances in the gut microbiota have been linked to a variety of diseases, including dementia. However, inadvertent dietary restrictions can negatively affect nutrient intake and gut microbiota ecology. A comprehensive supply of nutrients ensures a healthy gut microbial population and adequate function and vitality.
  • How long does it take to feel the effects of E18?
    Everyone experiences changes to their health in their own unique way. Our bodies have the ability to adapt to our previous nutritional states, and so the changes from improving our nutrition may be subtle as our bodies continue to adjust. These changes can be so subtle that some people may not even perceive anything happening at all, which is perfectly fine. Just know that your body is working hard to utilize the foundational materials you are supplying to get the work done. However, there are some noticeable benefits that you may observe such as an overall improvement in your everyday comfort, a decrease in illness frequency, fewer cravings, and increased energy levels.
  • Is E18 vegan?
    E18 is 100% vegan.
  • Is E18 gluten free?
    E18 is certified to be gluten free.
  • Can I use E18 while taking other medications?
    You should consult your doctor if E18 is right for you if you are taking other medication.
  • Can I take more than three per day?
    It is recommended to take no more than three E18 pills per day because the body can only process a certain amount of nutrients daily. The main issue people face with their diets today is a lack of variety in nutrients, rather than quantity. By taking three E18 pills daily, you can ensure you are receiving essential nutrients that may be missing from your diet, without risking exceeding the recommended daily allowance. Additional pills beyond the recommended dosage are not necessary.
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